QUEX ED: The next generation of biofeedback technology

A new generation of biofeedback technology, QUEX ED is a non-invasive therapeutic tool that opens the door to getting to know your body better, to consciously regulate involuntary biological processes. In situations of stress or pain, the heart rate increases and muscles tense. If we are able to regulate these ourselves, to influence our body at will, we can correct the faulty functions. The QUEX ED allows you to map your biological functions and improve your health.

QUEX ED – biofeedback technology

The QUEX ED biofeedback therapy device is the next generation of biofeedback technology, capable of balancing the chakra system, the most sophisticated energy centre.

The Quantum biofeedback device offers a choice of several programs, all of which support energy balancing.

To restore energy balance in the body, it restores the meridian system, the pathway of life energy flow.

If energy levels need to be increased, there is an optional programme for this as part of Quantum biofeedback therapy. By increasing energy levels, stress management, stress reduction, muscle strengthening or pain management can also be successfully achieved.

What is biofeedback

To understand biofeedback therapy and how biofeedback devices work, you need to know what biofeedback is! The word means biological feedback.

The idea is to get feedback on the body’s functioning, its current state. In the past, it was unthinkable to get accurate results about the body’s functioning within a few minutes without any intervention.

Biofeedback devices work in a system, with sensors on the body linked to a computer system running software to evaluate the information.

Once we know the results and can see clearly where and what needs to be improved, we have the opportunity to make changes that will help balance the body’s functions, achieve physical and mental equilibrium and experience relief from symptoms without the need for drugs or unpleasant treatments.

Quantum biofeedback device

With the QUEX ED Quantum Biofeedback device, we can consciously regulate our physiological functions in the future. Sounds incredible, but it’s real!

We were not in control of the processes in our body before, such as a pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure rise or fall, but with the QUEX ED biofeedback therapy device, this is now possible.

During biofeedback therapy, biological functions can be measured and the patient is involved in improving their own condition during therapy. In alternative medicine, it has long been known that it is possible to reduce pain, modify the heartbeat or conscious breathing therapy by getting to know your body through meditation, which can lead to relaxation.

What is QUEX ED

QUEX ED is a therapeutic device, the most innovative member of the Quantum Biofeedback family. It can be called upon to help with a wide range of problems, whether it’s:

  • intestinal problems
  • vitamin and mineral levels
  • detect toxins, toxins, fungi, viruses, parasites
  • hormones, important enzymes
  • identifying brain waves
  • to treat mental stress, emotional barriers, trauma
  • detect allergies, food sensitivities
  • assess physical condition (bones, organs, muscles)


When using QUEX ED, the biofeedback practitioner places the sensors of the device on specific points on the body. These contain EEG, EMG, ECG chips. In conventional medicine, these devices are also used to explore the function of the heart, muscles or brain.

The sensors transmit the electrophysiological signals to the computer system, which, with the help of the installed software, provides a transparent picture, a status report on the functioning of the body, on the areas to be improved.

How does biofeedback work

During biofeedback therapy, the biological state of the living body is explored with the help of a specially developed therapeutic system, and using the body’s own vibrations, health can be improved and the body’s functioning can be balanced. Not only is it a convenient, quick and painless method of testing, but it can also be used to unblock the body’s own self-healing processes.

Quantum Biofeedback is truly the technology of the future. It uncovers the stress factors that inhibit the body’s ability to heal itself.

How QUEX ED works and its benefits

The QUEX ED works without interventions, painful tests or drugs to support one’s well-being, reduce stress, achieve a relaxed state, and balance the energy of the whole body.

The QUEX ED is the most advanced of Quantum’s biofeedback systems, with highly sophisticated sensors equipped with the most advanced interference filters.

It can be said that the QUEX ED biofeedback device is unique in its holistic approach. It is based on the premise that for the well-being and balance of the individual, the whole person, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, must be treated and healed as one.